OTO - Male Stimulant 150mg - 4 Tablets 1 Blister

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OTO - Male Stimulant 150mg

OTO is a great supplement for giving you better performance when you are tired, and perhaps fatigued. Enhance and prolong intercourse time. Prolong erection time for men. The effect can last 24 – 48 hours. Increases your sexual stamina. 100% natural

Usage: Swallow with water 60 minutes before sexual stimulation.

Do not rush to have a result at once. In the event of being over stimulated and erection lasting for a long period of time the recommendation is to drink a lot of water. Individuals with high blood pressure and heart disease may also use this product as it is 100% natural, but if western medicine is being used it is advised to consult your doctor just to be safe. Alcohol does not affect the result of this product, but may take longer for it to work. Please note all individuals are different and results are not the same for everyone.

Each tablet contains extracts of: 
Epimeduim 50mg 
Rhemannia 50mg 
Deer Root   50mg

Brand URL : https://www.time4loving.co.za/index.php/male-products/product/48-oto-male-stimulant-150mg-4-tablets-1-blister